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I wanted to share a story of one of
our members Dave who resides in                                              
the mid west.

Dave had been automotive
management over the past ten years.
With the recent economic crunch
happening in the USA (let alone
other parts of the world) he was
told that his job was on

With numerous of layoffs happening
at his company, he knew it was
only a matter of time before he
was going to be let go.


At this point he started reading
everything he could find on
home-based opportunities and
vowed never to have his families
security left to some corporate
machine again.

After seeing hundreds of
opportunities from selling
Noni Juice to Software
products to Travel packages
he became frustrated and
confused about who to join with.

At about this time Dave had
also received a postcard from
one of our members about the
Diamond’s Automated Money Machine” as a
home based financial opportunity.

Intrigued by the postcard he
visited our members web site
and had a “good gut feeling
about the DAMM System” he said.

After reviewing all the information
on our web site, and listening to
our recorded call, he was “hooked”.

When asked what “hooked” him
he said it was the Automated and
Super Simple System that
could not be matched!

Dave started the program with
a passion and in his second month
made $71,500… simply by
introducing and helping
others prosper with our amazing

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