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Get a real Floor! make it hardwood or Laminate

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About me!

Hello! I’m Glad your here!

I am 56 yrs young and married going on 10 years, and we still love each other LoL!! We get along great! We live in Florida. I’ve been here about 30 years, and have been in the flooring industry for about 27 yrs. I’m semi retired, and am involved in network social marketing for going on 5 yrs. I love to meet new people, I’ve been in & out of a lot of opportunities, spent alot of money on programs and the best next thing, I’m still looking for that right nich, I think it will find me when the time is right! I grew up in a little town called  Prairieton out side of terre haute Indiana I loved living in the country, I got married in 1972 and moved to the city! Never cared that much for that life style, I grew up Playing music, and went on to Playing music in Texas, Love that! Moved from their to my home here in Florida! Still Played music up till about 10 years ago, Lost interest!

Most of my interest today is to build a great nest egg for my wife & grow kids, Too hopefully be handed down to my 5 grand kids! There the most& best think that I got, Besides my wife of course!

I’m working on some things that will turn out good! My corp BCAWillan Inc. Is my business! and will go on to be worth something down the road! NEVER QUIT! Looking for your dreams, When you know what you want, and you want it badly enough, You’ll find a way to get it. My goals in life are no different than many others, I want peace, no debt, and to do the things in life most never get to do. No one succeeds by themselves, and it’s hard to find a rich hermit.

Dream Big Dreams! Only big  dreams have the power to move your mind and spirit!  Think about this…Success will come if you commit to “I can”, not “I can’t”.

I’m a “entrepreneur” and have been in business for myself  for 25 years. My goal in life is to help as many people have success, Be there own boss, not the slave thats making the Boss wealthly, Show people how to be come wealthly them selfs! This is the way of life that you want for your wife & kids Put them in a position not to have to worry about ever working again! I would like to help my kids enjoy life and not struggle through it.

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