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I wanted to share a story of one of
our members Dave who resides in                                              
the mid west.

Dave had been automotive
management over the past ten years.
With the recent economic crunch
happening in the USA (let alone
other parts of the world) he was
told that his job was on

With numerous of layoffs happening
at his company, he knew it was
only a matter of time before he
was going to be let go.


At this point he started reading
everything he could find on
home-based opportunities and
vowed never to have his families
security left to some corporate
machine again.

After seeing hundreds of
opportunities from selling
Noni Juice to Software
products to Travel packages
he became frustrated and
confused about who to join with.

At about this time Dave had
also received a postcard from
one of our members about the
Diamond’s Automated Money Machine” as a
home based financial opportunity.

Intrigued by the postcard he
visited our members web site
and had a “good gut feeling
about the DAMM System” he said.

After reviewing all the information
on our web site, and listening to
our recorded call, he was “hooked”.

When asked what “hooked” him
he said it was the Automated and
Super Simple System that
could not be matched!

Dave started the program with
a passion and in his second month
made $71,500… simply by
introducing and helping
others prosper with our amazing

I have another SURPRISE Digital
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Inside the Minds of Winners
by Charles Burke
Learn how you can take command of your life and create your own good luck with the same techniques proven winners use. What would you give if you could sit down with a double-handful of successful people and ask each one of them to explain their techniques? Learn how you can take command of your life and create your own good luck with the same techniques proven winners use. Download Book by “Clicking” Here


The Mastery of Destiny
by James Allen
Deeds, Character, and Destiny, The Science of Self-Control, Cause and Effect in Human Conduct, Training of the Will, Thoroughness, Mind-Building and Life-Building, Cultivation of Concentration, Practice of Meditation, The Power of Purpose, The Joy of Accomplishment. Download Book by “Clicking” Here


The Power of Concentration
by Theron Q. Dumont


It is of the utmost value to learn how to concentrate. To make the greatest success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working on. Download Book by “Clicking” Here.
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“PM Marketing” Your network

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  1. Have you hopped from program to program, always hoping this one will be the one to realize your dreams?
  2. Do you feel ripped off by all the money you’ve lost joining many programs?
  3. Do you feel you’re a failure, because you can’t seem to sponsor members into your business?
  4. And, if you sponsor your 2, 3 or 5 members, do they just sit there and stare at the stars?

Who Am I?

My name is Mike Dutton.

I too, come from a background of challenges and feeling like I was never going to measure up to what was expected of me. But, I went on to experience many successes as a successful business person with a career in Sales for over 25 years. I will be happy to share my story in one of our meetings.

During that time I came into contact with companies like Amway, Omegatrend and a VoIP company, just to mention a few, which gave me the understanding of network marketing. This intrigued me, as although I could see where it could take you potentially, I saw that most people weren’t even making enough to cover their monthly purchases.

It was in 1983 that the basic idea of my current company was formed in my head, but it was 1998 before the technology was available to enable me to begin to bring my dream into reality.

That dream was to be able to help people and give them a chance at
making some real money… while teaching them the basics of wealth creation.

I was almost 40 years of age when I retired from the workforce and began to work on my dream. That passion has now caused me to work harder than I’ve ever worked before!

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This is the new way to shop! Come and join in on the fun of saving money on high end furniture, clothing, Shoes, anything and everything, What ever you need! We have it! Somethings are so low you think we was given it away!  Pick something you like and we give you a Price, From .25 to 100.00 depending on what you  pick! So come and see us! We are here to help your community! We Buy out Peoples stuff and offer it to the public for less than anybody around, If you are looking for something  inparticular, Anything! you can email  us @   Please Leave comment! This will be up dated very soon!


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Vic Johnson at His best! Don’t give Up!

« Youngest Coach Shares Oldest WisdomMotivation for Goal Setting
I know half the world is just beginning Summer, and it’s a big temptation to take a bit of a break until September.

But the cold hard facts are that in just a few weeks we’re going to be at the halfway point in 2010. If you expect anything to change in your life THIS YEAR, you’ve got just about six months to do it.

Now understand this, that’s plenty of time IF you’re using the “secret” ingredient of every successful person I know.

This video will help you discover and use that ingredient.

After you’ve watched the video I’d appreciate it if you’d leave your comments below. And if it’s helpful to you, please Share It with a friend (or your teammates).

Think and Grow Rich! “By Napoleon Hill”

Hi Everyone!

Think and Grow Rich develops your Total Being!
To see it again:

The BBB Club puts the Think and Grow Rich
principles to work for you TODAY To build
your fortune and achieve your personal goals!

BBB Club is growing and we expect our membership
roles to swell as more and more people become
frustrated with trying to earn a living either
online or offline without the proper tools,
training and support.

The economy is driving people to make more
efficient choices and we have a solution that
people are looking for.

BBB Club serves as a vital resource for anyone
looking to stand head and shoulders above the
crowded marketplace by providing the resources,
training, tools and support that are needed to
be successful in generating income today.

If you are serious about making more money and
protecting yourself against the economic downturn,
recession or depression that is upon us, then you
must take proactive steps to secure yourself by
using all that the Club can offer you.

BBB Club offers what is only dreamed of by many,
an affordable and workable solution to making an
unlimited income stream, while having access to
some of the best resources and tools available
anywhere at any price.

The BBB Club includes many tools and benefits you can
use for your personal growth and fortune development.

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